Boswellia Clinical Trial Available at Goshen!

Currently there is a trial being conducted at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, which our Naturopathic Doctors have spearheaded, for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer in their brain and are receiving brain radiation treatment. The purpose of the trial is to investigate the boswellia plant, which is more commonly known as frankincense, for any effect in reducing swelling of the brain caused by the cancer itself in the brain or from radiation treatment to it. Boswellia has been shown on MRI scans to potentially reduce the amount of swelling on the brain during and after radiation treatment. Patients who are enrolled in the trial may be randomized to receive either whole plant boswellia capsules or placebo to take during the course of their radiation treatment and for one month after. Patients are typically on trial for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the radiation treatment regimen they have been prescribed. Changes in before and after symptom surveys, imaging and BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) measurements of the body’s composition of muscle, water and fat will be used to analyze boswellia’s effects. The overall goal of the trial is to be able to report results on approximately 60 recruited patients over a 2 year period, and any effects boswellia use may have had.

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