September Cancer Awareness

Did you know?..

The month of September has been designated to raise awareness for not just one, two or three different cancer types….but 6 different cancer types!

And how are these different awareness ribbons and months determined? According to, cancer awareness colors are determined by the myriad of awareness societies and organizations responsible for supporting the fight against cancer. Together, they have determined what color to use.

There are even sometimes when two different organizations that provide support, education and awareness for the same type of cancer, but acknowledge different ribbon colors. For example, Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network uses orange to represent their cancer awareness, while the American Bladder Cancer Society uses a ribbon composed of marigold, blue and purple. There is no “right” one, so simply choose one and go with it!

And there are also ribbon colors out there that have no ties to any national organization. For example, the color for appendix cancer has always been amber, but no one can confirm where it came from.

Regardless of the ribbon color or the organization behind it, the important aspect is that all of them are doing their best to expand awareness and support the fight against cancer.

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